The beginning of our Company dates back to the times of largest social and economic changes in Poland. At first our office specialized mainly in providing legal and tax/accounting related services to limited Companies as well as to natural persons carrying out business as sole proprietorships.
With the introduction of the new economic activity legal Act allowing for these services to be rendered to private Companies, the scope of services was expanded to include legal and tax issues related to economic activity.

Since the beginning, GROSZ employed tax and economy legal specialists. The extensive range of business experiences allowed us to also gain knowledge in less common areas, such as liquidation and bankruptcy foreclosure activities.

In 1996 our Office joined the elite Tax Advisor Club Association, which concentrates some of the best tax advisors throughout the country.
We also cooperate with various legal advisory and attorney offices from Opole, Wrocław and other cities in the Silesia area.
Additionally, in 1998 our office began cooperation with the Lower Saxonia Business Cooperation Council Wrocław Regional Office, and in 2000 with the Czech Republic Chamber of Commerce at Ostrava.

Irregardless of the above, our main interest was always related to tax challenges. This is especially important now, with the introduction the new tax laws in 2002, which are a major source of confusion and problems do to their complexity.

We believe, that the best solution to tax problems is to avoid the when undertaking economic activity and that the most effective tax related decisions can be made even before starting an own business.

Considering the above, we welcome your visit at our office, where we are always eager to help and answer all your questions.

The  Accounting Office „Biuro Rachunkowe GROSZ” concentrates mainly on services related to taxes, accounting, and finances as well as handling of account settlement with Social Security Administration (ZUS).

Our offer also includes, as a separate range of services, handling of all human resource and occupational safety & hygiene related matters.

We especially like challenges related to developing more effective methods for tackling tax and finance problems and searching for tax reduction alternatives.

Our computer based accounting services for natural persons and legal entities include:

  • management of full accounting based of general accounts ledger
  • management of simple income & expenditure ledger for income tax purposes
  • management of fixed rate tax records
  • management of VAT tax records
  • annual income tax filling for natural persons
  • filling (including also electronic submission) of Social Security Administration (ZUS) documents.

Accounting services can be provided in two forms:

  • traditional, where all documents are handed over to our office
  • supervision over accounting performed in-house by the Clients employee

Our offer includes complex tax consulting and advice, with special attention to control and audit procedures, which is a specialty of our Company owner.


You can visit our office personally or contact us by phone or using email.

Biuro rachunkowe „Grosz” – Mariola Knieć

45-069 Opole, ul. 1 Maja 61, p.305

tel. 77 402 16 63, kom. 694 414 498
NIP: 754-197-10-55